I never knew what it was to be magnanimous.
I never knew there was so much peculiarity in the world.
The future I’d envisioned is nothing like the present.
Only now does it seem I’m clear about what the future is.

I can’t tell if all the things I’ve done were good or bad.
Past times fade and I can’t recall the years.
The things I thought were simple I now can’t understand at all.
I suddenly feel the world in front of my eyes is not where I really am.

For more than twenty years it seems the only thing I’ve learned is endurance.
No wonder all the women say I’m not genuine.
I shake off the numbness and wake up from the dream.
But upon waking realize how quickly this world has changed.

In the distance rows of tall buildings like fields of wheat.
In front of me oceans of people and traffic jams.
I take it all in from every direction but still can’t grasp the size of it.
This thing and that thing - the more I see the stranger I feel.

It’s not that I don’t understand.
It’s just that the world is changing fast.

music and lyrics: Cui Jian
translation: kemaxiu

Cui Jian: vocals, guitar
Eddie Randriamampionona: lead guitar
Liu Yuan: saxophone
Kassai Balazs: bass
Zhang Yongguang: drums
Zhuang Biao: keyboards