The sun rises and my eyes open again.
I look at the sky and I look at the earth.
I pick-up my legs and walk down that old road.
My eyes gaze upon that old place.
That mountain is still here and that river is still here.

Will my heart feel grief as often as the sun rises?
Will I walk the earth endlessly as often as the sun sets?

Those wild chrysanthemums remind me of my home,
That old man and that old lady.
And then there's you my girl - for whom I forever feel sad,
Afraid you'll say you love me.

I close my eyes and my past disappears.
I open my eyes and there's only me.
There's nothing else to say.
There's nothing else to do.
I just clench my fist and move on.
I just open my mouth and roar.
I hate this.
I love this.

music and lyrics: Cui Jian
translation: kemaxiu

Cui Jian: vocals, guitar
Eddie Randriamampionona: lead guitar
Liu Yuan: saxophone
Kassai Balazs: bass
Zhang Yongguang: drums
Zhuang Biao: keyboards