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 Cui Jian's 2021 album A Flying Dog 

 2021 Album "Flying Dog" Forward

Rather than say that I’m like a dog staring at a screen, it’d be better to say that I saw a flying dog, a dog flying in a black hole.
Time bending, emotion compressed! The past is like ice, the present fire!
The doomsday isn’t so terrible, nothing but a transition of time and space!
I now realize, what I was trying to do was make an album that distorts the present. But by the time I finished the eighth song, I had no energy left … or that is to say, I felt myself balanced.
Finally, I want to ask; is 2021 a good time to release an album? I hope this question is the straw that crushes my balance, and launches me into my next imbalance.
I long to be blown by strong winds / I long to be pushed by big waves / But the sea is as dry as the wind / And the wind is as tender as water ... —Doomsday Beach.
Cui Jian July 2021
Translated by Robert Devine

 2021 Cui Jian’s Poly Theatres Tourg

 6-30 Hengshuo Poly Grand Theatre
 7-13 Wenzhou Grand Theatre
 7-16 Hunshan Cultural Arts Center
 7-19 Liaocheng Poly Grand Theatre
 7-22 Zibo Grand Theatre
 9-8 Hohhot Ulanqat Grand Theatre
 9-11 Binzhou Grand Theatre
 10-22 Taizhou Grand Theatre
 10-27 Zhangjiagang Poly Grand Theatre
 10-31 Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre
 11-1 Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre

6-14-2021 Mountains and Seas Music Festival, Chengdu, Sichuan

6-12-2021 Taihu MIDI Festival, Changzhou, Jiangsu

5-30-2021 Early Music Festival, Jinan, Shandong

5-3-2021 MIDI Music Festival, Changzhou, Jiangsu

5-2-2021 Midou Music Festival, Nanjing, Jiangsu

5-1-2021 MIDI Music Festival, Jinan, Shandong

4-23, 24-2021 “Another Space” Double Feature at the Blue Note Shanghai

 March 13, 2021 Cui Jian’s Newest Single “Flying Dog” is Released

 This is Cui Jian’s love song to the stars. Placing himself in this hi-tech moment, he launches into the boundless future of space and time. Wandering the black expanse of the universe, in that lonely emptiness he finds proof of the meaning of life. He points straight to the black hole at the center of the galaxy, straight to the navel of life. Noise infuses with rhythm, deep and wild, finally coalescing into an image of the present that cuts to the bone and sears itself into our minds — this is “Flying Dog”!

12-31-2020 Nanxi River Midi x EastSea Countdown Music Festival at the Nanxi Riverside Music Park in Wenzhou, Zhejiang

12-31-2020 Cui Jian and the band are invited to perform at Bilibili’s “Most Beautiful Night” New Year’s Eve Online Gala

11-14-2020 China Cool Rock Carnival at the Xuzhou Olympic Center in Xuzhou, Jiangsu

11-1-2020 Just Inside Music Festival

6-18-2020 CUIJIAN Live webcast concert

 12-31-2019 ZhejiangYiwu DREAM MOTORCYCLE ELECTRIC Music Festival. 


  11-04-2019 Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC)

  11-08-2019 Sydney Hordern Pavilion

 08-31-2019 Sichuan Guangyuan Music Festival. 

 08-05-2019 Sichuan Aba Hongyuan Music Festival. 

 07-28-2019 Zhangbei Music Festival. 

 07-21-2019 Wulanbutong Music Festival. 

 07-06-2019 Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival. 

 06-23-2019 Lanzhou Strawberry Music Festival. 

 06-16-2019 Handan Majiao Music Festival. 

 06-15-2019 Weifang Strawberry Music Festival. 

 06-08-2019 "DMZ Peace Train Music Festival". Korea  

 04-13-2019 Shanghai Music Festival. 

 Cui Jian: “Another Space” Double Feature at the Blue Note Beijing
  On Dec. 6 and 7 Cui Jian performed a two-night special show, “Another Space,” at the Blue Note Beijing. This is Cui Jian’s first time taking the stage at the Blue Note, and the first show of its kind—two evenings of unique performances and jazz-infused compositions. This is a chance for fans to get up close and personal with Cui Jian and the band and to experience classic songs like they’ve never heard them before!   



 10-26-2018 Changde Music Festival. 

 10-13-2018 Kunming - Starnest Music Festival. 

 10-4-2018 Panzhihua - Mango Music Festival. 

 9-22-2018 Chengdu - Cactus Music Festival. 

 9-19-2018 Yunqi, Hangzhou - Xiami Music Festival. 

 9-16-2018 Mt. Zhao, Xiangtan- Mango Music Festival. 

 9-15-2018 Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao - Aranya Music Festival. 

 9-1-2018 Changzhou - Starnest Music Festival. 

 8-19-2018 Jinzhou, Liaoning - Majiao Music Festival. 

 8-18-2018 Beijing, Gubei Water Town - Great Wall Festival. 

 Cui Jian's "30 Years Rocking" Wuhan Concert
  8-11-2018 Cui Jian set fire to the stage in sweltering Wuhan! "30 Years Rocking" is a hit in Hubei!   

 7-7-2018 Duyun, Guizhou - Small Town Music Festival. 

 6-16-2018 Henan - Yun Tai Mountain Music Festival. 

 Cui Jian’s “30 Years Rocking” Guangzhou Concert
  6-2-2018 Cui Jian’s “30 Years Rocking” concert in Guangzhou was a huge success! Wind and rain couldn’t hold you back as you came out in support of the band. Thank you Guangzhou, and thanks to each and every one of you who turned out! Thanks to the organizers, Beijing Compass Culture, Beijing Yongle and everyone else who made this happen. And finally thank you to our crew for your hard work on and off the stage! See in in Wuhan, August 11!   

 5-20-2018 Hangzhou Oxygen Music Festival. 

 5-1-2018 Taishan Music Festival Above the Clouds Location: Tai’an, Shandong. 

 4-29-2018 Taihu MIDI Music Festival - Forever Young, Forever Bold. 

Cui Jian’s “30 Years Rocking” Jinan Concert
  12-16-2017 Cui Jian’s “30 Years Rocking” concert in Jinan was an amazing curtain call to 2017! Let’s hear it for our fans, who stayed on their feet for three encores! A standing ovation goes to the band, Cui Jian, Liu Yuan, Eddie, Liu Yue, Lu Chao (Maomao), Gao Xing, Zhou Xia, and Zhang Shan, as well as our backing vocalists Song Song, Hai Yang, and Tian Tian! And a shout out to all the organizers, support staff, lighting, sound, and video crews! Thank you Jinan! Let’s meet again soon.   

 11-22-2017 Cui Jian was guest of honor at the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, where he gave two special musical performances for the international poetry festival. 

 11-4-2017 At the Chishui River Valley Music Festival, fans got to see a new side of Cui Jian as he took the stage to DJ his own electronic composition, “The Rite of Spring.” Mixing in 5.1 Surround Sound under a 140m2 screen, Cui Jian broke new ground, challenging himself and his fans to tap new sources of inspiration for the future. 

 9-28-2017 Cui Jian brings life to the desert at the Jiayuguan International Music Festival! Special thanks to the Shenzhen Motorcycle Club, who rode two days and two nights to come support the band!  

Cui Jian’s “Rock Symphony” Album Release
  9-21-2017 Beijing’s 798 Art District, Frontier Center. On New Year’s Eve 2010, Cui Jian and the Beijing Symphony Orchestra came together to create Asia’s first ever genre-bending Rock Symphony Concert. Now seven years later they are releasing the live album of that historic collaboration. Fans can listen anew as Cui Jian, backed by a 90-man orchestra, breathes new life into rock classics. So whether you’re reliving the historic performance or hearing it for the first time, sit back and let the music take you away.   

 9-10-2017 Cui Jian and the band are coming to the second annual Candy Town Music Festival in Luoyang!  

 8-29-2017 Cui Jian was awarded three prizes this year at the Chinese Music Media Awards. In addition to Best Rock Artist and Best Male Singer in Mandarin, his record “Frozen Light” was awarded Best Mandarin Album of the Year! Special thanks to all the people at Sony who worked to make this album happen, and thanks to the jury of the Chinese Music Media Awards.  

 7-18-2017 Ulaanchab Prairie Music Festival  

 7-2-2017 Shijiazhuang Starlight Music Festival  

 6-18-2017 Chengdu Auto Music Festival  

 4-30-2017 Nanjing Mido Music Festival  

 1-7-2017 New Year’s Rock Carnival at the Baotou Olympic Center  

 12-24-2016 It’s time for Christmas under the Red Flag, and Rock’n’Roll in Shenzhen! Cui Jian and the band commandeered the stage for three hours as the crowd went wild! The band came back out for two encores before the night was done.  

 11-25-2016 Cui Jian attended the 2016 Chinese Music Awards, where he was nominated for 10 categories and walked away with 5 grand prizes: Best Arrangement, Best Rock Artist, Best Album - Mandarin, Best Recording, and Top 10 Chinese-Language Album for “Frozen Light!”  

 11-6-2016 Shaoxing MIDI Music Festival  

 10-23-2016 Hangzhou O2 Music Festival  

 10-15-2016 Guizhou, Chishui Mountains International Music Festival  

“Thirty Years Rocking” Concert in Beijing
  9-30-2016 Cui Jian’s “Thirty Years Rocking” concert started with a bang, calling up memories and tears in the sixty-thousand fans present at the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium. Cui Jian asked for his audience’s indulgence as he performed songs he had never sung before, songs he felt compelled to play for them tonight. In addition to “A Red Cloth,” “Rock n Roll on the New Long March,” and “Wild on the Snow,” Cui Jian sang new arrangements of “Greenhouse Girl” and other classics with Yang Le, as well as an impressionistic duet with Tan Weiwei of “Fish-Bird Love.” He also performed new songs, especially from his latest album, “Frozen Light,” released last year. The highlight of the night, however, was without a doubt Stewart Copeland, the drummer from “The Police,” who collaborated with Cui Jian on a Chinese-English adaptation of “Message in a Bottle.” As all of these stars appeared on the stage one after the other, the excitement in the crowd built to a climax. To top it all off, rappers Qiu Ye, Da Wei, Jia Honglong, and Wang Dazhi came to the stage to perform China’s first rap song, “It’s Not That I Don’t Understand.” At the end of the show, Cui Jian brought out and introduced all of his special guests, band members and backup singers, thanking them and the audience. From 1986 until now, Chinese rock has come a long way in the past 30 years. And at its head stands Cui Jian, the man who started it all: solemn, willful, unpredictable, the roar of his voice carrying us back 30 years to this same stadium where he first sang “Nothing to my Name.”

   Cui Jian “Thirty Years Rocking” Concert – HD Video

9-16-2016 Cui Jian and the band were invited to the“2016 Tenglong Cave Midi Festival,” to raise their cups to the moon and rock out in Enshi, Hubei!

9-10-2016 Cui Jian came to Cangzhou Stadium for the“Taihe Night” Chinese Rock Showcase. In spite of biting winds and rain, fans and performers alike persevered! So long Cangzhou! You made this a night to remember!

6-25-2016Cui Jian’s album, “Frozen Light,” earned him Best Recording Album at Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards!Thanks to everyone at Sony, to Cui Jian, and everyone on his recording team! And thank you to the Golden Melody Awards!

New Album “Frozen Light” Official Release
  12-25-2015 Cui Jian’s new album, “Frozen Light,” officially goes on sale today! The album reveals an artist in full command of his craft. The short films that accompany the music are evocative and thought-provoking, works of art in their own right. Of the album, Cui Jian reveals, “This is an album that has to do with light; at least three of the songs speak to light directly. People are accustomed to thinking of light as a good thing. In the physical world, this is obvious. But in the human heart, it’s not so certain! When light becomes a chain around your neck, freedom lies in the dark.”

  Outside Girl Music Video   No Turning Back Music Video

5-8-2016 Cui Jian and the band performed for over ten-thousand people at the“Zhengzhou U-Fun Music Festival,” playing for over an hour. He gave a special performance of several songs from his new album, “Frozen Light,” to universal acclaim. Thirty years and one day ago, at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium, Cui Jian first raised the flag of Chinese rock with “Nothing to my Name.” Since then he has been using his own momentum to influence and spread the spirit of Chinese rock. “Reality is like a stone, but the spirit is like an egg; a stone may be hard, but only the spirit can bring life.”

5-1-2016 Cui Jian got invited to perform as a special guest at the “Changjiang International Music Festival.” As he came onto the stage for the final performance, he gave a shout-out to his fellow Chinese rock musicians, yelling out “Rock n Roll will never die!” As the night went on, he switched out guitars after every song, coming out for two encores and playing for over an hour! Old and new hits like “Rolling,” “Frozen Light,” “Misfit,” and “Greenhouse Girl” laid bare his feelings towards rock in China. As he told his fans that night, Cui Jian intends to bring Chinese rock onto the world stage!

3-23-2016 At the“QQ Music Awards,”Cui Jian led his band onto the stage to rock audiences with two new songs, “No Turning Back” and “Rolling.” At the same event, he was recognized for his contributions to rock history in China and abroad, receiving two awards for “Most Outstanding Contributions by an Artist” and “Best Domestic Chinese Album – Frozen Light.” Accepting the awards for himself and rockers across China, Cui Jian made the following announcement: “This marks the first time Chinese rock has achieved recognition on the mainstream stage. It also marks the end of an era for Chinese rock; it’s time to flip the record. Starting today, the next 30 years are going to rock harder than ever!”

Cui Jian to Appear as Celebrity Coach on “China Star”
  11-2-2016 Cui Jian took part in a press conference to announce the official launch of the new reality television singing competition, “China Star,” put on by Starry Productions and Dragon TV, in conjunction with China Recording Association and The Recording Academy. The show, which will serve as an international platform for music and cultural exchange, is bringing in three heavyweights of the Chinese musical scene -Cui Jian, Sandy Lam, and Liu Huan- to star as “Celebrity Coaches.” This press conference marked the first time the three appeared together to discuss their expectations for the show. “China Star” premieres Nov. 21st and will show on Saturdays at 9 pm on Dragon TV.

   Cui Jian on “China Star” - Rock n Roll Bursts onto Television

10-31-2015 Cui Jian is awarded“Best New Director” at the 15th Annual Chinese Film Media Awards!!Ten years of effort have once again earned Cui Jian the recognition of the film industry, as film scholar Dai Jinhua and director Lou Ye presented him with the Best New Director award for his film “Blue Sky Bones.” In his acceptance speech, Cui Jian said, “I hope this award wasn’t given to me out of any consideration for my meager successes in music. I truly believe we made a great film. This award is validation for years of hard work. Thank you to the judging committee, and thank you to everyone who worked on and supported this film!”

10-30-2015 Cui Jian and the band were invited to the“Guangzhou Jazz Festival”,where they gave the climactic final performance in the Xinghai Concert Hall.

10-5-2015 Cui Jian was in Shijiazhuang for the “Starlight Rock Music Festival”

10-3-2015 Cui Jian made his first ever trip to Foshan, Guangdong to sing “Night of the Times” and “Nothing to My Name.” In spite of the pelting rain, fans persevered and partied on! Congrats to the “My Party Music Festival” at Mount Xiqiao, Foshan! Those who love rock are forever young…

10-2-2015 The band celebrated National Day at the “Monster Music Festival” in Xi’an.

9-26-2015 Cui Jian sang at Changsha for the “XiangJiang Music Festival.”

9-13-2015 Cui Jian and the band visited the historic city of Zunyi to play in the “Spark Music Festival!” The city, situated in the north of Guizhou province, was once part of the ancient Liang kingdom of China, and later an important meeting point for Mao Zedong and the Red Army on the Long March. Tonight, hosting its first ever rock concert, the historic city has embarked on a new Long March—of Rock n Roll!

5-2-2015 Fans defied the elements to welcome Cui Jian to the “Zhengzhou U-Fun Music Festival.” Even as the rain fell harder, it couldn’t extinguish the excitement in the crowd. Under the rock star’s spell, fans stripped to the waist and danced in the pouring rain. So long Zhengzhou! We’ll see you again soon…

3-27-2015 Cui Jian performs with Tan Weiwei on the season finale of "I Am a Singer"
  For the third season finale of Hunan TV's "I Am a Singer," Tan Weiwei asked Cui Jian to accompany her in a duet of his song, "Fish-Bird Love." Taking the stage hand-in-hand, the two singers gave a breathtaking performance. Cui Jian observed before the event: "Our fans support us because we dedicate ourselves to our music, not to fashion or celebrity. Outside of music, none of that other stuff matters."

  Cui Jian and Tan Weiwei "Fish-Bird Love" Live Performance

1-31-2015 Cui Jian and the band return to Tianjin. A special-guest drum team fired up the crowds, while Cui Jian and members of the Beijing Philharmonic took the stage to play “A Red Cloth” and other rock classics. Time drifted away as we lost ourselves in the music and camaraderie of the evening. The band gave a special performance of "False Monk" as a tribute and farewell to former drummer, "San Ge," who passed away recently. Even as we mourn his death, we will keep moving forward with Cui Jian on Rock n Roll's New Long March.

12-7-2014 Even a deluge of rain couldn't dampen fans' spirits as they rocked out at Guangzhou's Tianhe Gymnasium!

12-2-2014 Following his recent turn as director and screenwriter of China's latest art house film, "Blue Sky Bones," and in recognition of his tireless innovation and genre-defying courage, Cui Jian has been selected as 2014's Man of the Year in the "11th Man of the Year Awards." After the event, Cui Jian and the band gave a performance of "Balls Under the Red Flag" that set the stage afire!

11-29-2014 This evening at Shenzhen's Dayun Sports Center, Cui Jian and the band played "Nanniwan" in honor and memory of singer Wang Kun. Cui Jian spoke at the event: "I hope that Wang Kun can hear our song all the way up in heaven."

11-27-2014 It was a full house at the Central Academy of Fine Arts' Fine Arts building, as students, professors, and special guests filled in to watch a screening of Cui Jian's new film, "Blue Sky Bones." Director Ning Ying and the university president presented Cui Jian with the Varda Prize for "Human Interest Stories". After the screening, Cui Jian and students engaged in a Q&A, with many students expressing their admiration for the film. Well-known artist Xu Bing also attended the event in support of Cui Jian.

11-14-2014 Cui Jian's collaboration with Gaoyan Jinzi of the Beijing Modern Dance Troupe was a rousing success! Entitled "October - The Rite of Spring." the performance uses dance to express the interplay of space, time, and life. It also commemorates the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring."

10-23-2014 "Blue Sky Bones" director Cui Jian and cinematographer Christopher Doyle attended the Tokyo Film Festival Red Carpet Event. On the 25th, Cui Jian will show the film at the Tokyo Film Festival for all his fans in Japan. Cui Jian said, "This time, I've come as 'Blue Sky Bones' mother, bringing my child to study abroad." Cinematographer Christopher Doyle identified himself in turn as the movie's "uncle." Cui Jian celebrated the event with Japanese former prime minister, Fukuda Yasuo, and "Japan Music Club" president, Kawamura.

Cui Jian's directorial debut, "Blue Sky Bones," opens on screens across the country Oct. 17, 2014!
  On Oct. 14, 2014, Cui Jian's directorial debut, "Blue Sky Bones," premiered at the Beijing Worker's Gymnasium. Special guests included Mao Amin, Huang Qishan, and Li Wenqi. The crowd went wild when Huang Qishan and Mao Amin took the stage with Cui Jian to sing the film's theme song, "Fish-Bird Love," along with "The Lost Season." Without pausing, Cui Jian launched into his classic lineup of songs, including "Nothing to My Name," "Rock n Roll on the New Long March," and "Greenhouse Girl," leading the audience in the choruses. After the performance, Cui Jian and the band greeted fans, and invited everyone to see "Blue Sky Bones" in theaters Oct. 17. He told fans, "When you see the movie, forget the director. Watch the film for the film itself." Blue Sky Bones tells the story of a young underground rock musician in Beijing, who falls for an unknown singer and at the same time rediscovers his own parents' bittersweet love story. The film opens in theaters across the country on Oct. 17.
  "Blue Sky Bones" theatrical trailer  Movie Synopsis
  "Blue Sky Bones“ Movie Premiere

8-30-2014 In the Putuo district of Zhoushan city, a peaceful day gave way to a wild night as Cui Jian and the band lit up the East China Sea Music Festival! They played for an hour and a half, coming back to the stage for three encores!

8-18-2014 Cui Jian's directorial debut, "Blue Sky Bones," was a favorite at the 10th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival, earning the Special Jury Prize! The festival's film competition, "World Music Film Today," gathered together eight of the year's best films from around the world,and the jury selected two for special awards—the Grand Prize and the Special Jury Prize. Congratulations to Cui Jian, and to everyone in the performing arts!

7-19-2014 Cui Jian performed at the"Shanhai Music Festival" at Huaqiao Theme Park in Eastern Shenzhen.

6-28-2014 Hosted by Longhu Great Wall Resorts, the“Simatai Music Festival”opened its curtains at Miyun, Gubei Shuizhen. Fans spent all day enjoying the picturesque scenery and all night rocking out with Cui Jian.

6-14-2014 Cui Jian was invited to play at the“Chongqing Gold Buddha Mountain Music Festival.” It’s hard to remember how many times Cui Jian and the band have performed in Chongqing, or how many times they’ve been rained on! In spite of the stormy weather, the rain couldn’t dampen fans’ spirits tonight.

6-1-2014 Cui Jian and over ten million fans from all over China came together at the“Qinhuangdao 6789 Music Festival”to celebrate Children’s Day! Special thanks to everyone who made it to the festival, and to the Beijing University Cui Jian Fanclub!

Cui Jian’s directorial debut, “Blue Sky Bones,” is the surprise winner at the Directors’ Awards Ceremony
    4-9-2014 Cui Jian was the big winner at China’s fifth annual Directors’ Awards Ceremony, where he brought home the ceremony’s most prestigious award. Renowned ‘Fifth Generation’ Director Tian Zhuangzhuang announced the jury’s decision: this year’s Special Jury Prize is awarded to Cui Jian’s “Blue Sky Bones” along with our highest praise. His film brings us back to a time when we truly had ‘nothing to our name,’ and honors the generation who broke their backs in silence so that we might grow up strong. Cui Jian gives these people back their voice and lets us hear their song. And for this we thank him. Thunderous applause greeted the rock star-cum-director as he took the stage, where his good friend and fellow director, Jiang Wen, presented him with the prize. Visibly moved, Cui Jian said, “I’m still just an upstart director, a ‘troublemaker’; but I truly believe that with hard-work and dedication, there’s nothing we can’t do.” Cui Jian specially thanked his producer, Mr. Zhang Baoquan, and invited him onto the stage to receive the award together.

Cui Jian’s film, “Blue Sky Bones,” receives Special Mention at Rome Film Festival
    On Nov. 16, at the 8th Rome Film Festival’s awards ceremony, the jury gave Special Mention to Cui Jian’s debut directorial feature “Blue Sky Bones”. The jury noted Cui Jian’s iconic rock star status in China, and congratulated him on what they characterized as a courageous and one of a kind achievement. Cui Jian accepted the award alongside Ni Hongjie, the leading actress of the film, saying, “I believe our film proves the potential of all sorts of crossover: between music and film, between China and Europe, between past and the present. There is nothing you can’t overcome! Thank you!” For Cui Jian, the jury’s remarks are affirmation of the long months of hard work and dedicated pursuit of his artistic vision. It is also affirmation for all those who worked on screen and behind the scenes to make this movie a reality. As we wait for the film to screen in China, we hope everyone will lend their support to make the movie as big a success at home as abroad.
    Special thanks to: Cinematographer Christopher Doyle; Producers Mr. Zhang Baoquan and Ms. Wang Qiuyang; Actors Ni Hongjie, Huang Xuan, Yin Fang, Huang Huan, Mao Amin, Tao Ye and others; and everyone who put their heart and soul into making this movie - thank you!

12-1-2013 Cui Jian headlines the Hong Kong music festival Clockenflap. The headline act, Cui Jian played “Balls Under the Red Flag,” “Caged Bird,” “Rock n Roll on the New Long March,” and other hits for the Hong Kong audience. He also led the girls in the audience in a rendition of “Transcendence” that brought down the house on an unforgettable night.

10-18-2013 At the Nanchang music festival, Cui Jian rocked out, giving his fans an off-the-hook awesome experience.

10-13-2013 Cui Jian and his band turned up the heat at the Hengda Starlight Music Festival in Panshan, Tianjin, closing the festival with a rocking set.

10-6-2013 Chinese rock shakes the Mediterranean!,In the Italian city of Sanremo, famous for its music festivals, Cui Jian received the prestigious song-writing award, the Premio Tenco. Performing with Francesco Baccini, he sang an Italian version of “Nothing to My Name” that brought the house down. Long Live Chinese Rock! Let’s give more people a taste of China’s powerful music.

  Cui Jian receives the Premio Tenco
  Cui Jian performs “Nothing to My Name” at Club Tenco

10-2-2013 Rocking the Bund for National Day, Cui Jian performed in a red army uniform and singing red rock.

10-1-2013 On the 64th National Day in China, Cui Jian and his band rocked out at the Tongzhou Canal Park, singing some of his “reddest“ Rock n Roll anthems, including “Balls under the Red Flag,” “A Red Cloth,” and “Mr. Red!” Everyone had a red, rockin’ National Day Festival!

9-21-2013 Rocking Zhengzhou! Cui Jian sang at the Hengda Music Festival in Zhengzhou.

9-19-2013 Under the harvest moon, Cui Jian rocked the ancient capital of Xi’an for the Mid-Autumn Festival!

9-7-2013 Cui Jian rocks Wenzhou! Wenzhou Sports Center.

8-24-2013 Cui Jian’s rock tour comes to Yancheng:Cui Jian performed at the International Convention Center in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, playing his classics “Nothing to My Name,” “Greenhouse Girl,” and “Rock n Roll on the New Long March.” Fans got the full-blast experience that is Cui Jian live.

5-9-2013 Cui Jian receives award for “Outstanding Achievement” at the 2nd Audi Arts and Design Awards. The Audi Awards are dedicated to the “Fusion of East and West and the future of innovation.” Following their motto of “Inherit, Innovate, Lead,” the Audi Awards aim to promote and raise public awareness of the arts and design in China. More than one hundred specialists and professionals in the world of arts and design make up both the expert jury and the media jury, which together select the award winners. The Outstanding Achievement Award is the highest international honor Cui Jian has received for his longstanding contributions to contemporary culture in China. Cui Jian was also the only musician nominated. In accepting the award, he stated: “I always thought we were an underground phenomenon, unnoticed by the mainstream. Holding this award, it’s almost like receiving a bribe from the world above-ground. But [this award shows that] we can still hold on to our idealism, even as we gain acceptance and recognition in the ‘real world’.”   

Cui Jian’s 2012 “Blue Bones” Concert Tour
    Twenty-six years after the debut of “Nothing to my Name,” Cui Jian is not interested in indulging in nostalgia. He says, “My concerts aren’t for middle-aged men looking to relive their past; I want to connect with people looking to create a new future: a new future in music, film, society and thought.” The rock veteran, who just turned fifty, says his 2012 concert tour “The Blue Bones,” signals a switch from red to blue and a call for wisdom and freedom. It’s got everyone’s attention—the reinvention of an idol from a time of army jackets and red stars, the color old but unfaded. The blood still flows red, but his bones are all blue. Times are changing, and Cui Jian is moving out from the clouds of red into the clear blue sky.
    In his last album, “I’ll Give you Colour,” featuring a diverse range of tracks, Cui Jian used red to represent rock, blue for electronic, and yellow for pop. But in the album’s lead single, “Blue Bones,” red, yellow, and blue stand for the heart, body, and mind. To Cui Jian, blue represents not only the mind and wisdom, but also the creativity of music and freedom of thought.
    “Blue Bones” is also the name of Cui Jian’s recently completed film (called “Blue Sky Bones” in English). His first feature film as director will appear on screens in early 2013 (website update: Now 2014!). “Blue Sky Bones” is a film about “one song, two generations, three stories, and four types of music.” The movie is split into three parts, and tells the story of a young underground rock musician and hacker who meets and falls for an unknown singer in Beijing; just as their relationship is sparking off, he learns of the secret bittersweet love story that took place in the Cultural Revolution and lay behind his own parents’ troubled relationship. In the film, audiences will hear four different versions of the song “Blue Bones.”
    Before the film comes out, audiences in Dalian, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an, and other cities will get the chance to hear the music in concert. The 2012 Blue Bones concert will launch new songs such as “Blue Bones” and “The Lost Season,” the latter of which is featured at the end of Ning Hao’s film, “Guns and Roses.” Some old songs will get a new spin as Cui Jian reimagines them for the concert tour, and old fans of Cui Jian will get a new appreciation of the singer. In addition to his old classics, Cui Jian will also perform many of his newer works, including songs from his recent album, “I’ll Give You Color,” and even some still-unreleased songs from an upcoming album due out next year!
    In the middle of “Blue Bones,” Cui Jian sings, “The blue sky gives me limitless reason, endurance is what you see. Limitless feelings bring the power to me. Dad, I’m a spring flower growing in season, because my bones are blue.’ That iron-boned boy is still striding forward, striding towards us, to lead us into the future.

Blue Bone Cui Jian Tour concert in Nanjing

2012 Blue Bone Cui Jian Tour concert in Xi'an

12-24-2012 Cui Jian’s “Blue Bones” concert tour comes to Shanghai.
Performing at the Shanghai Gymnasium, there were no bright lights, no flashy stage set-up;just Cui Jian’s expressive voice calling forth the memories of our youth. That night, Cui Jian played some of his most famous classics, including “Nothing to My Name” and “False Monk.” He also invited special guest Tan Weiwei onto the stage to sing a duet of his new song, “Fish-Bird Love.” Cui Jian explained, “Rock is a solitary existence, full of emotion and feeling—it’s like a bird in flight. But life in Chinese society is more likebeing a fish in the sea. A love story between these two would seem impossible, and yet that’s exactly what we see, because within Chinese society rock has taken flight.”

12-15-2012 Cui Jian’s “Blue Bones” concert tour comes to Beijing.
In a two-and-a-half hour performance, Cui Jian and nearly ten-thousand diehard fans rocked without stop to over twenty old and new hits such as “Fish-Bird Love,” “Nothing to my Name,” “False Monk,” and “A Red Cloth.” The atmosphere in the crowd was wild. Cui Jian’s live performances have lost none of their edge. As the rock star explains it, “Rock is immortal: even after we have left this earth, it calls us back for another encore.”

11-24-2012 Cui Jian’s “Blue Bones” concert tour comes to Dalian.
Cui Jian set fire to the frozen city of Dalian, performing at the Dalian World Expo Center. Bringing his own unique style of rock, including a moving rendition of “Blue Bones,” Cui Jian got bodies moving and passions burning under the blue winter sky.

9-29-2012 Cui Jian’s “Blue Bones” concert tour comes to Shenzhen.
There was standing room only in the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, where Cui Jian’s “Blue Bones” concert tour made a big splash. Cui Jian played many of his old classics along with some new songs, while over ten-thousand fans in the audience got the full sensory extravaganza of a Cui Jian live concert. Only after an encore performance to the crowd’s wild cheers of “Cui Jian! Cui Jian!” did the curtain fall on a spectacular night.

October 1, 2012, Cui Jian and the band was invited to participate in the 2012 Changjiang Strawberry Music Festival.Zhenjiang city was shocked by Cui Jian and ten thousands rock fans! It is the third time for Cui Jian’s performance in this historic and cultural city. In order to make up for the last regret of the interrupt of the rain-soaked show, Cui Jian deliberately performed long version of Balls under the red flag, the night of the times, fake monk, the lost season, blue bone, flying, tolerate and many other classic music.

Cui Jian joined 2012 Beijing Midi Music Festival
Following the 2009 Zhenjiang Midi Music Festival and 2011 Ocean Midi Music Festival, Cui Jian has participated in the Beijing Midi Music Festival, propelling the first brand of Chinese Music Festival. This is also the first appearance of Cui Jian in Beijing Midi Music Festival.On the evening of April 29, Cui Jian's classic raised the audience chorus! Midi Music Festival Details

On January 19, 2012, Cui Jian and the band accepted the invitation of Shandong TV, recording for Legend of songs. The fans are very excited, and the scene is almost out of control.

On January 1, 2012, Cui Jian and the band were invited to participate in "Dragon TV New Year's Eve concert" and performed "Greenhouse girl" and "Nothing to my name" two classic tracks for viewers.

12-23-2011 At the “7th Shenzhen Beach Music Festival,”held at the Dameisha Promenade, Cui Jian played fan-favorites of the last 25 years, including “A Red Cloth,” “Transcendence,” “Nothing to My Name,” “Blue Bones,” “Balls Under the Red Flag,” and “False Monk.” He also gave fans a special performance of “Wild on the Snow.” With snowflakes in the air and music on the stage, fans found themselves in a whole new kind of winter wonderland.

11-19-2011 Cui Jian performed his “2011 Chongqing Concert” at the People’s Auditorium in Chongqing. Opening up with “Night of the Times,” he went on to sing more than 20 songs, including “The Last Complaint,” “Balls Under the Red Flag,” “Greenhouse Girl,” and “Buffer.” As part of the finale, Cui Jian invited ten Chongqing girls up onto the stage to sing “Transcendence” in a performance that brought down the house. But even after the concert was over, fans refused to leave, calling out for one more song. So Cui Jian retook the stage to play his seminal rock anthem, “Nothing to My Name,” and bring the night to a phenomenal close.

11-1-2011 Cui Jian and the band played at the“Macau International Music Festival”to the raucous cheers of fans. At the event, Cui Jian told audiences that he had been waiting a long time to perform in Macau; his band had toured across almost all of China, but this was their first trip to the seaside city. That night, as the live music blended with the sounds of the waves, fans were left with memories of a concert they’ll never forget.

9-12-2011 Cui Jian and the band rocked out at the “World Urban Music Festival” in Chaoyang Park, Beijing.

7-31-2011 Cui Jian’s performance at the “Zhangbei Grasslands Music Festival”was the high point of the night, as the entire crowd sang along to his set of rock classics.

7-30-2011 Cui Jian and the band played in the “White Dolphin Music Festival”in Xiamen.

7-23-2011 After an absence of 19 years, Cui Jian finally returned to the city of Jinan for his second live performance,“Night of the Times 2011.” The atmosphere was explosive as for two hours Cui Jian delivered a non-stop barrage of nearly twenty songs—“Wild on the Snow,” “Balls Under the Red Flag,” “Blue Bones,” “A Red Cloth,” “Rolling Stone” and more. Halfway through the concert, he invited a dozen girls onto the stage to dance and the crowd went wild, many of them getting up to sing along. Afterwards, he sang the rock anthem that 19 years ago set the city ablaze—“Nothing to My Name.” The song was the climax of the concert, as more than 6,000 fans put their hands in the air and sang along with abandon. After singing “Rock n Roll on the New Long March,” it was announced that the concert would come to a close, but the crowd cheered so loudly that Cui Jian was forced to do no less than three encores, playing more hits like “Greenhouse Woman” and “Like a Knife.” For the first time in 19 years, rock has kindled a fire in the city of springs.

 Cui Jian presents the Rock Symphony New Year’s Concert
    On Dec. 31, 2010 and Jan. 1, 2011, Cui Jian teamed up with musical conductor Tan Lihua and the Beijing Philharmonic Orchestra to bring in the New Year with the “Rock Symphony New Year’s Concert” at the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium. Cui Jian, already an iconic rock star who has touched millions of lives, decided to work together with his old troupe, the Philharmonic, to bring audiences something completely new. He opened the program with “Tolerance,” as the symphony and rock band came together, echoing and playing off one another. Classics like “The Lost Season” and “Blue Bones” swelled the program, while “Nothing to My Name,” “A Red Cloth,” and “Greenhouse Girl” got audiences up and singing. But the pièce de résistance was “Rock n Roll on the New Long March,” which led audiences in a rousing chorus as Cui Jian brought the program to a close. Amidst the accolades and cheers of the audience, Cui Jian returned to the stage three times to usher in the New Year.    Click here for more news.

   11-4-2010 Cui Jian and symphony conductor Tan Lihua participated in a press conference held at the Beijing Worker’s Gymnasium. [Link] Click here for more news.     Click here for more news.

12-18-2010 Cui Jian and the band were invited to participate in theFall2010 Concert Hall series in Shenzhen. The night of the performance turned the concert hall into a Cui Jian convention, as a thousand diehard fans sang along to the rock songs they all knew by heart. The feeling on and off the stage was tremendous, with some great interactions between fans and the band.Cui Jian brought in the country’s best technical crew for his performance in Shenzhen, with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and visual effects. This combined with Cui Jian’s original music made for a groundbreaking performance that set a new standard for music concerts in China.

12-1-2010 Cui Jian’s new film “Blue Sky Bones” has begun shooting in Beijing, and for the first time media were allowed onto the set. Cinematographer Chris Doyle has one word to describe the film: “rocking.” Cui Jian himself has full confidence in his new project. Set in both the Cultural Revolution and the present day, the film takes its inspiration from Cui Jian’s own “The Lost Season,” weaving together three love stories across two generations. Cui Jian says the film is his tribute to young love. It is split into three parts, all tied together by the rock song of the same name.

9-4-2010 The crowd was still roaring as the curtains closed Saturday on the two-day rock concert at Mt. Qipan. During those two jam-packed days, 14 of China’s top rock artists, including Cui Jian, Zheng Jun, Zhang Chu, and Ye Shirong, took the stage and gave audiences in Shenyang a rock-n-roll extravaganza. For the grand finale, Cui Jian sang seven of his hits including “Blue Bones;” then, as the crowd cheered and yelled for more, he came out for an encore performance of his signature classic, “Nothing to My Name.” By the end of the night the entire crowd was on its feet, some even standing on chairs, to sing along with the rock icon.

6-8-2010 Cui Jian attended the opening ceremony of the Holisland Rock Festival in Suzhou. A month later, he came back and performed a brand new set for all the fans gathered there. Despite the rain, fans stayed out and sang along to their favorite hits.

6-5-2010 Cui Jian and the band performed a special “Green” Low-Carbon Concert at the Shanghai World Expo Park. As an ambassador for the annual Earth Hour campaign of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Cui Jian called for the lights to be turned off a number of times during his performance. On the darkened stage, he led audiences in singing “Balls Under the Red Flag,” “Transcendence,” “Blue Bones,” “Starting Over,” and other hits.

5-7-2010 Cui Jian – Live in Japan 2010 successfully at Kawaguchi City of Saitama Prefecture in Japan.

For the first time since his 1995 tour, Cui Jianreturned to Japan to give a special performance with former band member Amari Kyosuke, who joined Cui Jian to sing their classic song, “Wild in the Snow.” The performance was held at the Cultural Center in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture. Click here for more news.


Cui Jian returns to perform at the Beijing Exhibition Center

12-24-2009 At 7:30 on the dot, Cui Jian stepped onto the stage at the Beijing Exhibition Center to play the last show in his “Rock n Roll on the New Long March V21” tour. Just like twenty years ago, classic songs like “Balls Under the Red Flag,” “False Monk,” and “The Opportunist” filled the stadium, and the crowd went wild. It’s been two decades since Cui Jian played at the Beijing Exhibition Center, but the voice that sang “Nothing to My Name” hasn’t changed a bit—no more than the iconic red star on his cap. Just give him a guitar, and Cui Jian will still blow you away.

Cui Jian attended a press conference for “Rock and Roll on the New Long March V21” Beijing Concert on November 18, 2009 in Beijing. The concert will be held on December 24, 2009. Singer Ai Jing and Cheng Lin appeared in the conference and presented a gift for Cui Jian. 20 years later, Cui Jian’s once again returned to the stage of Beijing Exhibition Center. Cui Jian said frankly that his rock&roll spirit has not changed, once he find the release point, such spirit would be completely broke out.

In the evening of December 4, 2009, Cui Jian “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March V21” Tour 2009 came to Taipei. This is the last stop before the final stop, the upcoming Beijing Concert on December 24, on his Tour Schedule. It is the first time for Cui Jian to hold such a mini-concert which held in “Legacy TAIPEI” Showcase Center in Taipei. During the almost 2 hours performance, Cui Jian represented many classic songs like “Nothing to My Name”, “Rock’n’Roll on the New Long March” and “Greenhouse Girl”. The concert ended with “Solve”. Taiwan media said it was “the Rock’n’Roll baptism of Cross-generation, Cross-Straits”. Many Taiwanese musicians like Harlem Yu (Yu Chengqing), Chang Chen-yue (Zhang Zhenyue), MC HotDog, Chen Qizhen, Zhang Xuan, Tarcy Su (Su Huilun), Chan Shan-ni, Yang Naiwen, Huang Dawei, Wang Zhiping, A-Xiang, etc. came to the scene. The well-known poet Lung Ying-tai also appeared in the audience. Zhang Huimei who was absent because of a performance also gave her respects to Cui Jian and conveyed regret.

  October  24, 2009   19:30  YANTAI  PHOTOS
 “Rock'n'Roll on the New Long March”, Cui Jian Live Concert ended with loud cheering perfectly at the first stop of tour 2009 in Yantai city. Yantai Grand Theater became a heaven for rock. Cui Jian sang for nearly 2 hours and gave two encores to end the concert.

October  26,2009    19:30  CHANGZHOU
  October 26, 2009, “Rock'n'Roll on the New Long March”, Cui Jian Live Concert ignited the atmosphere of Changzhou Grand Theater. In the concert, Cui Jian performed “Balls under the Red Flag”, “Do it all over again”, “Blue Bone” and other songs. When music approached a climax, many local audience and fans from other place in China stood up waving arms with his song. The entire concert became sea of joy. Cui Jian said on the stage that both the audience’s enthusiasm and the acoustics in Grand Theater are the best in recent performances.

October  29,2009    20:00  HUIZHOU
  October 29, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” came to Huizhou. With almost no melody shout, Cui Jian on the stage belted out many unforgettable lyrics. Time suddenly froze at that moment; everyone felt blood pulsing through their veins. Huizhou began to rock! When the music of “City Boatman” sounded, more than a thousand audiences called Cui Jian’s name! “Reality is like a stone, spirit is like an egg……” Cui Jian’s sound made a quiet moment at the scene, and then caused uproar in an instant. When Cui Jian put down his guitar and let all the audiences stand up and dance with him, the entire fans went crazy ……

October  31,2009    20:00  SHENZHEN  PHOTOS
Every seat in Poly Theater is occupied on the performance day. Cui Jian opened the concert with “Balls under the Red Flag”. The atmosphere was charged with excitement from beginning to end. In the nearly 2 hours show, Cui Jian brought his most welcome songs which triggered the chorus of fans. When he sang classic songs such as “Rock and Roll on the New Long March” and “Greenhouse Girl”, over 1,000 audiences began to sing in chorus. Cui Jian also performed “Blue Bone”, “Slackers” and some other new works.

November  2,2009   20:00  DONGGUAN
  “I have asked you endless, when will you go with me? ……”Cui Jian’s sound made the entire audiences stand up and wave their arms shouting”Nothing to my name”. It is the most moved scene in Yulan Grand Theater of “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” Dongguan stop, November 2, 2009. In the concert, Cui Jian brought his classic hits from 80’s in 20 century. The scene of chorus by the entire fans appeared several times, especially when Cui Jian performed “Nothing to my name”, “Rock and Roll on the New Long March”, “Greenhouse Girl” and other classic songs. Beside these songs, Cui Jian brought “Blue Bone”, “Dream in the sunshine”, “Slackers” and many other new works to local audiences who relived that unforgettable period of their own crazy time.

November  5,2009  19:30  WUHAN
“ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” came to Wuhan. Local fans are still enthusiastic. “Cui Jian! Cui Jian!” Thunder-like applauses exploded in the theater. When all of the audiences stood up waving arms, Cui Jian was touched and he changed the lyrics: “I realize I can't leave you, oh, Wuhan!” At last, Cui Jian gave two encores. “Wuhan, an important rock city and I will be back!” Cui Jian said at the end of the concert.

November  7,2009  19:30  ZHENGZHOU  PHOTOS
The evening of November 7, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” is on at Henan Art Center Theater. All seats are occupied by Cui Jian’s staunch fans. This is not the first time to watch his concert for most of them. They hold high the banner says “Cui Jian, show me some color!” which stands for their support. More fans carrying their own “Piece of Red Cloth”, wave their arms with Cui Jian’s singing. Finally, “ROCK'N'ROLL ON THE NEW LONG MARCH V21-Cui Jian Tour 2009” finished successfully.


October 24, 2009, "China's first rock and roll MIDI Award" dropped the curtain. At the prize presentation ceremony, a special "Chinese Rock Contribution Award" was awarded to Cui Jian in praise of him who has made an outstanding contribution to rock and roll scene in China. Cui Jian was not able to attend the ceremony because he was on his China Tour, 2009; however, Cui Jian recorded a VCR in particular to congratulate the prize presentation ceremony.

“Jeep · Person of the Year Festival”, which are organized by Off-road brand JEEP and Phoenix Net jointly held in the ancient city of Lijiang on the 16th of Oct., 2009. Cui Jian won Jeep Pioneer Award. Cui Jian said as winners we are successful, but we should encourage people who failed in exploration. So I believe that it is more significant of this award to encourage them.

Cui Jian and the band participated in Shanghai Jazz Festival on October 18, 2009. The Festival took place at Shanghai Century Park from October 17th to 18th; Jazz team from 13 different countries all over the world began the carnival.

Cui Jian attended 2009 Pusan International Film Festival; "Chengdu, I love you" is selected in GALA PRESENTATION.
     With the film “Chengdu, I love you”, Cui Jian and Fruit Chan, two directors who directed the film came back from Venice Film Festival with honors. By the virtue of its art and high quality of production, the film has been entered in the Master Classes (GALA PRESENTATION) of the 14th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF). This called “Solemnly Introduce” classes, since its inception in 2007, aims to introduce the world famous director’s new work, the topic of international works and so on, and becomes a new hot spot and symbol of PIFF.
    Pioneer Cui Jian’s directorial debut and Hong Kong director Fruit Chan’s part of film “Chengdu, I love you” has won a good reputation and widely praised in the just concluded Venice Film Festival. With international influence, as well as the relationship between Cui Jian and Pusan International Film Festival, “Chengdu, I love you” has been introduced as a master of film which is also regarded as a time to pay tribute to the high level director in Asia. This year’s PIFF becomes more diversified and gets rid of restrictions on regional film festival gradually. Although the PIFF is not a competition-based film festival, its dedication of finding new film maker has built an international-oriented film exchange platform.

Invited by Spanish Casa Asia Organization, Cui Jian and the band had set out for Spain for a week-long exchange of performances. Cui Jian has achieved a great success in his first Live Concert in Madrid, capital of Spain, September 19, 2009. These days the mainstream media coverage of his concert is overwhelming. Cui Jian hits the headline in the most important Spanish newspaper “El Pais” and talks about the great achievements of China’s reform and opening up and the development of rock and roll in China. Moreover, Madrid TV station did a special report and invited Cui Jian to appear on the live broadcast. On the performance day, audiences come from far and near gathered in front of the concert hall SALA HEINEKEN1 to watch Cui Jian’s performance, nearly half of them are Chinese, as well as more than half of Spanish who showed great interest in China’s most famous rock musician. To begin with “Balls Under the Red Flag”, more than 3,000 fans spent a “night of the times” with Cui Jian. He has just learned to speak to local fans face to face with a simple Spanish, sparked an eruption of cheers from all the audiences. The atmosphere is so exciting during the whole performance. Cui Jian sang “Flying”, “Blue Bone”, and “Rock’n’Roll On the New Long March” and other songs and played “Nothing To My Name” to end his first concert in Spain successfully. Fans gathered in the door of concert hall and were loath to depart. In the next Barcelona Concert, Cui Jian and the band have also been welcomed and completed the performance successfully, Sep. 23, 2009.
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  2009.09.23 Barcelona. Placa Reial

"Chengdu, I Love You" was invited to be shown in Venice Film Festival as the festival's closing film. Cui Jian, as one of three directors of this movie, will attend the closing ceremony on September 12.

Synopsis of the story:

  Chengdu, an exciting city.
  Countless emotion of people and their fate blend and impact in space-time of the city.
  Emotional attachment, friendship and love, they write their stories on their own tracks respectively.
  When a sudden disaster struck the city, everything is facing with a new twist.
  How will their stories be changed?
  Where will their fate move toward?

Cui Jian and the band was invited to partipate in "Review of China's 20 years of classic rock music - Yinchuan Concert",the evening of August 15,2009. This concert is another big event in the western China besides "Helan Mountain Rock Music Festival" which held in 2004.

July 26, 2009 Cui Jian and the band took part in the second Green Banner of Grassland Music Festival, held in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia. Besides watching the performance which has lasting for three days, audience can also experience the Mongolian cultural at the same time.

July 5, 2009 as the invited guest performer of Shanghai “Pepsi Qunyin” activity, Cui Jian and the band performed Cui Jian’s first rap work “It’s not that I Don’t Understand”. Cui Jian shows his in favor of no-out, non-draft model and believes that the approach of “selecting songs rather than player” can ensure the selection of good music without judging it from the performer’s appearance or the errors in live performance.

May 1st, 2009, Cui Jian and the band participated in "MiDi Music Festival 2009"(Zhengjiang Station).


April 10, 2009,Cui Jian attended the ceremony of shooting starts on the film "Chengdu, I love you" which held in world's Art Museum of China Millennium Monument in Beijing.

Feb. 7 night, 2009, Cui Jian and the band were invited to perform at the activity 'A gathering of heroes' which was held by 'Mercedes-Benz' at Sanya city. The atmosphere reached climax when Cui Jian gave the finale performance to audience. After singing 'Get over that day', 'Greenhouse girl' and 'Here we got space', Cui Jian gave several encores and sang the 'Let me go wild in the snow' for the excited audience.

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07.24.2009 Rocking Beijing
06.07.2009 Cui Jian, The Grandfather of Chinese Rock
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